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Dry Pumps

Dry vacuum pumps are pumps that create a vacuum without using fluids.  They can also discharge the gas molecules to the atmosphere.  Dry pumps require a cooling jacket to regulate the internal temperature of the machine since no liquids are used to remove heat created by the gas compression.  They utilize oil reservoirs and close clearances between the housing and rotors.  See dry pump products.

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Turbo Pumps

A turbo pump (or turbo molecular pump) is a vacuum pump that consists of stator and moving blades arranged on multiple levels which direct gas molecules to move toward the exhaust creating a vacuum.  Turbo molecular pumps attain high to ultra-high vacuums, exhaust corrosive gases, have a clean exhaust and high throughput, is a compact size, and is easily maintained   See turbo molecular pump products.

Industrial Vacuum Pump Alcatel Rotary Vane

Rotary Vane Pumps

A rotary vane vacuum pump utilizes an oil sealed rotary displacement system.  There are various type of rotary vane pumps, utilizing either a single or double stage pump, which can be emplyed throughout the entire low and medium vacuum ranges.  Rotary vane vacuum pumps operate at ideal conditions if there is no condensation of vapors at atmospheric pressure and pump operating pressure.   See rotary vane pump products.

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Blower Vacuum Pumps

Blowers help move large volumes of air at lower pressures or vacuums in a diverse range of industrial applications.  They are generally very reliable machines.   See blower vacuum pump products.

Industrial Vacuum Pump Edwards Scroll

Scroll Vacuum Pumps

Scroll pumps are an alternative to rotary vane pumps when oil free pumping is desired.  They use two interleaved archimedean spiral-shaped scrolls to compress or pump liquids or gases.  One scroll is fixed in place while the other one orbits eccentrically with no rotation.  This process traps and compresses pockets of fluid between the scrolls.    See scroll vacuum pump products.

Vacuum Pump Liquid Rings

Liquid Ring Pumps

A liquid ring pump can be used as a vacuum pump utilizing a rotating positive displacement system, but can be used as a gas compressor as well.  Liquid ring pumps are usually powered by an induction motor.  Liquid, usually water, forms a cylindrical ring against the inside of a casing by the use of centrifugal acceleration. See liquid ring pump products.

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Regenerative Pumps and Blowers

Regenerative pumps are high volume, low pressure glowers that generate centrifugal airflow.  They are used for both pressure or compression and vacuum or suction service. See regenerative pump products.

AirTech Oil Free Vacuum Pump

Oil Free Pumps

Oil free pumps have the benefit of having no hydrocarbon contamination risk since oil free pumps use no oil.  Oil free pumps may use water or steam-jet pumps, so are not considered dry pumps. See oil free pump products.

Industrial Vacuum Pump Tank System

Vacuum Pump Systems

Vacuum systems are used in hospitals to evacuate waste anesthesia or to draw off liquids during surgery.  See vacuum pump products.

Vacuum Pump Components

Miscellaneous Vacuum Pump Components

MaxVac Inc. also provides needed miscellaneous vacuum pump parts including bellows, centering rings, flanges and other components. See miscellancous vacuum pump component products.